20/20 Cognitive Vision for US: A Mental Rights Campaign
from Human Brain/Cloud Interface: One specialized application is that individuals could experience episodic segments of the lives of other willing participants (locally or remote) to, hopefully, encourage and inspire improved understanding and tolerance among all members of the human family (Reference Garan, et al Frontiers in Neuroscience 2019)


Although the doors of our economic ecosystem are not visibly closed to women and people of other racial and ethnic backgrounds, policies are covertly designed to open them wider to those who undergo "neuro-plastic surgery" to change to make themselves look economically attractive -- by thinking, behaving, and physically styling -- in accordance with the Anglo-Saxon masculine designed eco-system in which we live.  Reference Gabby's list of recommended readings: "Coping with the burden of 'acting white'"  (Fordham, 1986)

Even though half our population is female, is feminine cognition dying out? ...and how will this extinction endanger the practice of empathy in our economic ecosystem?

Is our economic eco-system diverse, or does it just look that way -- through the lenses we are given to view it?

Nudging, not Judging


It looks like the sun rises and sets -- and, similarly, our brains illude us into feeling like we are separate individuals at the center of our thoughts and actions, but we are all connected and influenced by internal and external factors that has practical policy implications beyond its apparent limitation to philosophical discussion. 

Even intelligent people can be persuaded to perform actions they would not otherwise think under certain neurocognitive conditions that is the reason for organizations like the Innocence Project.   



The bell ringing for liberty sounds good to our ears, but listening to it repetitively has led to long-term cognitive hearing loss for tuning into its harmful impact on the silent majority.

True liberty can only emerge if we amend our constitution to prioritize the virtue of empathy deriving from COMPASSION and a genuine attempt to understand each other grounded in neuro-cognitive KNOWLEDGE, otherwise liberty is a vice -- a social license to harm other people.

Do we really live in a free market?


information to open your eyes

so you can become empowered and the desire for change can come from within you

Understanding to be compassionate at the bottom.